“As every employee of the firm is considered a partner, everyone gets a say in how the business is run. This can be minute details to the Christmas advert but all partner opinions are vitally important.” John Lewis Stock Management Partner (London, England)

I can imagine this employee might have an alternative comment to make when Glassdoor carry out their 2018 Employees’ Choice Best Places to Work Survey– because even the best get it wrong from time to time.

John Lewis Group, the UK’s 33rd best place to work has set aside £36m on the off chance they just may have breached Minimum Wage Law. An announcement that coincided with their Annual report stated they are ‘looking at its practice of Pay Averaging which aims to smooth out a Partner’s pay over a year to ensure a consistent amount is paid to them each month in respect of their basic pay’. Whilst this is only a precautionary measure, it has meant pre-tax profits have now been revised from £577m to £541m.

It’s academic now, and no one likes to say ‘I told you so’ (especially when we didn’t say it in the first place). But we are confident that Grosvenor Technology’s range of Workforce Management Solutions could have prevented this £36m profit loss for a fraction of the profit and goodwill that’s been lost through this debacle. In fact, we could have loved to have help in a number of ways.

Firstly, we work with some of the world’s leading retailers to ensure they comply with regulation at a local level, taking the strain and ambiguity out of conformity and ensuring updates to minimum wage payments are deployed to workforce management terminals instantly, regardless of location. In short, a correctly specified system could have taken all the confusion out of the situation to ensure the problem never arose.

Secondly, Grosvenor terminals are designed to help a company that’s already great at Employee Engagement do so with less effort. We develop terminals that do far more than just record time and attendance- Our hardware and professional services can help you deliver up to the minute corporate news, motivational messages, videos and even training modules. Distance and cost are no longer factors in employee engagement, thanks to smart, intuitive interfaces that can benefit employees and communicate your company vision, Christmas advert (or HMRC misdemeanors) regardless of whether you sit in the board room, or stock room.

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