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We are proud of the long-lasting relationships we build with our customers.

Why partner with Grosvenor

The vast experience of the company means that we’re well provisioned to support and supply all manner of security professionals throughout the UK. From hands-on training to on-site tech support, with Grosvenor Technology your business is safe with us. 

Our job is making your job easier

If there is anything we know, it is the role of installers. After decades of working closely with leading access control and security experts, we have honed our training to make it as comprehensive as possible without requiring you to spend hours reading dull literature. Our systems are simple to use, for both installer and end user, so the change will be a positive one.

Free advanced training

All training is free, and we provide easy-to-reach support for those times when you need a quick answer or solution.

Your engineers may have been using the same Access Control systems for a number of years, and the idea of change can seem daunting. But once you see how simple Grosvenor products are to install, you’ll be excited to introduce your clients to a more modern system that can grow with their business.

Competitive Pricing

We are in the fortunate position of being able to sell directly to our partners, cutting out the hassle – and cost – of the middleman. You not only get the most competitively priced products, but you also have the assurance that our products are only available to professional security installation companies, just like yours.

We work with recognised security installation companies

Your hard work and dedication to your profession means something. At Grosvenor Technology, we pride ourselves on working with credited installation companies who deliver exceptional customer experience time and time again. Your established reputation is why we only work with approved installation partners to ensure our products are delivered with the same standard in which they are made.

Discreet Trade-Only Pricing

Our prices are for your eyes only, so there’s no concern about your clients finding out the cost and using it to break down your quote. We know that your expertise and skill have great value, so by keeping our prices unpublished, we protect your pricing structure.

Tried & Tested

We’ve built a team of talented individuals, many of whom have been with us from the start. We know Access Control. And we know why our products are going to make a difference to the security industry. Our forward-looking approach has helped shape the development of our systems – integration and migration are at the fore, ready to take on the security challenges of tomorrow.

Our partners say it best

The decision to become a partner has meant that my business is better able to support my clients. Not only can I provide scalable access control solutions that look sleek and professional, the installation process is quick and simple. And the times that I’ve needed additional support, the team have called me to troubleshoot any problems I’m facing. I’m confident that Grosvenor Technology will help me to create a profitable future for my business.

David Robson, Engineer

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