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Central Control

PC Based System

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Wireless Door Handles

Simple integration for maximum security 

Now the market has a system that seamlessly integrates with your security devices so you can have ultimate control of your environment. JanusC4 has been developed to meet the growing demands of today’s world, designed to enhance your existing systems and unite them in one, simple dashboard.  


Integrated CCTV associates access events and alarms with recorded video footage to see what events occurred leading up to an incident. Automated actions allow live feeds to be brought up in the event of an incident or alarm.

Microsoft Active Directory

A single source of truth for the AC system allowing the synchronisation of access permissions, credentials, and employee information according to a person’s position within a business. Updated in real-time therefore removing the need to update the security system manually ensuring that employees rights are updated, edited, or removed as part of the HR process.

Alarm Systems

Automated arming and disarming of a buildings intruder alarm system, ensuring the alarm is only armed when the building is empty, avoiding unnecessary and costly false alarm triggers. Arm and disarm zoned alarms to provide added assurance a multi-site business remains secure and covered by insurance requirements.


Stored access rights and decisions made at the ‘edge’ ensuring that access is only provided to those that are authorised, even in the event communications are down. Restoration of connection to the main AC server uploads ‘offline’ events to ensure the audit log remains up to date.


Individual access rights to certain floors ensure only the relevant people can access the appropriate location on a multi-levelled building by lighting only the relevant buttons within a lift cart. Tailgaters are then caught when attempting to access doors on floor levels they are unauthorised to use, allowing the system to raise alarms and notification to the building security team to advise on the unauthorised access whilst the system inhibits the users credential preventing any further access around the site.

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Key benefits of JanusC4

With JanusC4, Grosvenor Technology has taken a step forward in Building Access & Security ManagementJanusC4 is a customisable, integration-centric software with innovative blade-based hardware. It focuses on versatility and usability for customers, users and installers.

Engineered for simplicity 

JanusC4 was designed with the end user in mind. The enhanced security is matched with a simple, all-encompassing dashboard that allows for fast, efficient security management.  

Partnered for success 

For over 30 years, we have been a trusted security resource for our partners. Together, we have established a new benchmark for security specialists. Forward-looking and highly engaged, our systems bring pride to the profession.   

Intuitive software   

Imagine software that unifies all aspects of your security management and delivers real-time metrics in a simple, understandable way. That’s what JanusC4 does. Developed to make the lives of our end-users and partners as hassle-free as possible.  

Reliable hardware  

Blade-based technology allows for instant scalability and fast installation, so you can increase your security at any time with limited downtime. 

Comprehensive Free Training

Start your journey with us

Grosvenor Technology provides advanced training to our partners in the design, installation and maintenance of our market leading access control solution.

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JanusC4 Software

Software innovation from experience

Intelligent Systems
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This ultra user-friendly software integrates seamlessly with familiar and trusted applications, such as Active Directory and leading CCTV and Wireless Locking solutions.

One of the greatest benefits of JanusC4 is the powerful and dynamic integrations that can be achieved software to software with leading products with providers such as Hikvision, Dahua and Avigilon. Wireless locks can be added using Aperio, whilst Galaxy and Texecom work seamlessly with JanusC4 to ensure intruder alarms are set when the last person leaves a building. Active Directory can be linked with our own software to software integration, providing a single source of truth that updates in real-time. Overall, the capabilities of JanusC4, combined with the ability to integrate with many of the industry’s leading security products, make it an immensely versatile and powerful system, allowing you to customise your access control solution to your company’s needs.

Unified Management
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The singular interface/dashboard allows effective whole-site security management by working with your other security systems to ensure total control of your environment. 

De-risk Your Business
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JanusC4 eliminates the risk of human error by introducing advanced levels of automation to your security routines. Whether that’s enabling alarms at night with a last leaving swipe, turning on carpark lights at dusk, or ensuring lifts can only be accessed by the appropriate staff, taking them only to the floors they have permission to visit. 

Responsive Development 

Our in-house team of software developers are continuously striving to improve and enhance the features that JanusC4 provides. When you install JanusC4, you are getting not just the most security-rich technology of today – but of tomorrow too.  

Download Our Software

Our software is available to download on our Partner Zone. If you are not a partner, get in touch to find out more.

JanusC4 Hardware

Why is our hardware recommended by partners?

Expandable Control

JanusC4 has limitless scalability. Whether you plan to grow your team or you will require additional space in the future, it’s easy to add control to new doors and zones, so your security will grow with you. 

Blade Technology

Modular blades are an innovative and adaptable approach to Access Control, allowing you to scale your security as needed. You don’t need significant investment to secure your building – by utilising blades, our multi-controller can manage up to eight doors.

Our modular blade technology allows for quick and simple expansion. From two doors up to eight on one controller, you can not only streamline your system but also reduce your costs.  

The blades support OSDP, so you can enjoy the highest level of protection and the intelligent I/O module allows for a convenient and easy way to manage external equipment such as lights, air con, barriers and more. 

Intelligent Technology, Simple Application
Technical drawing of building layout

Installation couldn’t be easier. JanusC4 Advance controllers are among the simplest to install and straightforward to use – they can be up and running in no time.

While our controllers have one of the smallest footprints on the market, that doesn’t reduce their impressive capabilities. They can store up to 250,000 credentials and provide both battery backup and offline capabilities, which means your security is maintained, no matter what. 

You can select from keypad, Bluetooth, NFC or proximity readers, so your controllers suit your preferred protocols.

Maximum Security

Our systems all comply with the highest access control communications standard – OSDP. This enhanced level of security supports high-end encryption and is more secure than other common access control communication protocols.

Smart Integration
CCTV camera

The intelligent I/O module allows for a convenient and easy way to manage external equipment such as lights, air con, barriers and more so you can create a smart environment for a streamlined experience.

Fast Fault Finding

Blades make maintenance and fault finding much quicker than with other systems. On average, our installation partners can resume your security in under an hour. 

Partner With Us

A partnership that opens new doors 

Our partners are why Grosvenor is first in mind for access control. We understand installers whoever they work for and provide comprehensive training and support from within the UK – to ensure that partners can install confidently and effectively in time and on budget. 

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Our Partners

Cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly

It has been a pleasure to work with Grosvenor Technology consistently over the last 5 years. We have built a mutually beneficial relationship through collaboration on various projects and utilised the quality of Grosvenor products on many of our clients’ sites. The product is cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly and the business provides a strong level of technical support.

I’m satisfied that we made the right decision

I can honestly say that Grosvenor Technology’s staff were key in ensuring that the installation and mobilisation period worked as smoothly as possible. As a UK based company, they were able to assist Universal Security Systems whenever required and the follow up support with regards to training, bespoke alterations and troubleshooting has been first class. I’m satisfied that we made the right decision when choosing Grosvenor as our new access control platform.

Gives us all peace of mind

Putting access control in place has meant that we have been able to extend our opening hours, content in the knowledge that we still know exactly who has access to the building. Not having to physically ‘lock-up’ at 11pm at night saves us both time and money; being protected by Grosvenor Technology gives us all peace of mind and is worth its weight in gold.

The entire installation was much more cost effective

It was clear that Grosvenor offered a platform that would provide additional functionality as the organisation grew, rather than starting over each time Misco required new features. The hardware was easy to deploy and the entire installation was much more cost effective and intuitive than what came before.

A productive partnership

We enjoy a productive partnership with Grosvenor Technology with the high quality products, excellent sales support and technical back up. We supply and install JanusC4 to a myriad of customers from small single door Parish Rooms, Schools and Councils all the way through to High Security Government Institutions.

Hall & Kay Fire Engineering

Divisional Director

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Sateon Advance

Our commitment to legacy systems

We are no longer developing updates for Sateon Advance, but will continue to provide free tech support for the remaining life of the product. While no new licenses will be issued for Sateon Advance, however it will still be possible to expand existing sites.

Product Literature

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JanusC4 Software Datasheet

JanusC4 Controllers & Blades

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JanusC4 Mini PC

Advance – Readers

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Dantech Application Notes

JanusC4 Aperio

JanusC4 Active Directory

JanusC4 Texecom

JanusC4 Galaxy

JanusC4 Hikvision

JanusC4 Avigilon CC6 & CC7

JanusC4 Dahua

JanusC4 Milestone

Case Studies

Overhauling Access Control at Redbridge Council

JanusC4 was the preferred solution for the project for many reasons, notably due to the centralised control of multiple sites and remote access capabilities.

Theatre auditorium

Upgrading Hackney Empire to JanusC4 with Hall & Kay

A system upgrade by Grosvenor Technology brought the iconic Hackney Empire up to date with their security

ADNOC school on a bright sunny day

Rapid Deployment for ADNOC School

Grosvenor Technology introduced a simple-to-use system that saved costs and allowed for quick installation.

Red brick building with veranda

Care Begins At Home With Grosvenor Technology

Lynwood’s new Access Control system can be easily managed through a browser on any PC on Lynwood’s system and integrates with their fire and automatic door systems.

Large commercial building

A Robust & Flexible Solution For Cambridge Consultants

Grosvenor Technology provided a flexible solution which allowed specific requests, such as project-based access rights, to be implemented.