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Why Sateon Access Control

How is Sateon Advance Access Control different?

Sateon Advance is a ‘blade based’ access control solution. Both hardware and software have evolved to deliver a single, slick, scalable system for installers, integrators and their end users. It’s as intuitive as it is cost effective.

+ 1 controller supports 2 doors
+ POE+ power as standard
+ Few clicks, fewer cables
+ Flexible format – IP/RS-485

Are you still only controlling one door from one controller? Single-Blade controllers operate two doors, halving installation time and minimizing cable runs.


We’ve created a family of access control hardware consisting of blade-based door and I/O controllers that snap into place to add additional doors in seconds. Need to add a door to a site? Just grab a blade and snap it into the Multi-Controller. Need more inputs or outputs? Just snap an I/O blade into place.




Sateon 3.0 is our slickest, most intuitive access control software yet, and sits alongside our next generation of hardware that is designed to save you time on site. All the functionality of our previous products is still there, its just more intuitive than ever.



Snap blades into place to add capacity quicker than slotting a cartridge into your old Nintendo.
Our Quick Start mode is designed to set up a door
with 25% less clicks, taking just 90 seconds.
It’s not just quicker, it’s simpler too. Simplified, consistent concepts – ‘Where’ ‘When’ and ‘Which token’ is all you need to consider. Done.

“Access control that’s cheaper and quicker to install than the UK’s most distributed product – yet feature-rich as ever. ”

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