Sateon Advance

A ‘blade based’ access control solution

Our commitment to you

At Grosvenor Technology, we’re committed to supporting our valued customers using Sateon Advance. While we are focusing development efforts on our latest hardware platform, JanusC4, Sateon Advance (version 3.4.9) remains a stable and well-suited platform for existing installations. You’ll continue to have access to free technical support for the remaining life of the product, and you can still expand your existing Sateon Advance systems.

Looking to the Future with JanusC4:

JanusC4 represents the next generation of access control solutions, offering enhanced security, improved performance, and ongoing feature development. We’ve made migrating to JanusC4 a simple and quick process with our intuitive migration tool, minimising downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

Ready to Explore JanusC4?

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique. Our team is happy to discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about JanusC4. This includes exploring how the migration tool can streamline your transition and unlock the benefits of our latest platform.


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    Snap, click, done.

    The Sateon Advance began the revolution of access control devices with its ‘blade based’ solution. The single, slick, scalable system halves installation time and minimises cable run for installers and integrators, making it a swift and simple system to adopt. 

    Key benefits


    Simple Scalability

    With one snap-in blade controlling two doors, you can easily add additional door control as the need demands. 

    The blade based access control solution increases the efficiency of the installation process so significantly that we set a new industry standard. With configuration times cut to just 4 minutes, it’s easy to see how the Sateon Advance streamlines procedures. 

    Fast Installation
    Multiple door blades showing expandable control by Grosvenor Technology

    The Sateon Advance features a Quick Start mode that allows door set-up in under 2 minutes. 

    Wide-Ranging Integrations

    Easily integrate existing fire, CCTV and HR systems for simplified and streamlined administration. 

    Access From Anywhere

    You can easily access the control hub of your Sateon Advance via a web browser, allowing real-time updates to personnel, door access control and other functions without the need for software installation. 

    PoE As Standard
    Sateon Advance Hardware

    Power over Ethernet makes installation easy. 

    A Legacy System With A Future

    Sateon Advance paved the way for the development of our latest technology and software and still retains many of the qualities that made it a standout device when it was first released.  

    The 100% browser-based solution enables you to manage all system configuration and administrative tasks from any PC on your network, making it a convenient and familiar environment for users to navigate. 

    Browser-based software means there is no need for software on users’ PCs. This reduces the installation process and saves server space, time, as well as the need for ongoing IT support from your IT department. 

    Sateon Advance software is continually supported by our team of developers, ensuring that it consistently delivers the high level of security and assurance it always has. 

    Sateon Advance Brochure

    Sateon Advance End User Brochure

    Sateon Advance Getting Started Guide

    Sateon Advance Multi Controller System

    Sateon Advance: A Trusted Partner, A Smooth Transition

    We understand that choosing an access control system is a significant investment, and we’re committed to supporting you throughout your security journey.

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