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Enhanced Access Control with JanusC4

In Janus C4, we believe we’ve created the most complete and flexible building access and security management solution available today.

Ben Lagden - Commercial Director of Grosvenor Technology

Ben Lagden

Commercial Director

Understanding who is coming and going from our facilities has never been more critical. Both from a physical and cyber perspective, effective access control provides a central pillar to any successful security approach. Modern businesses must be agile and operate flexibly in response to changing patterns in the world of work, recognising the requirement for limited occupancy levels, frictionless entry, and world-class levels of security.

Grosvenor Technology has long been considered an innovator in the access control space. In JanusC4, we believe we’ve created the most complete and flexible building access and security management solution available today. Whether you run single or multiple sites, JanusC4 will help your business securely manage access, whatever the shape or size of your organisation.



As we design, develop, and continually improve JanusC4, a key goal remains to provide the user with an intuitive solution. It should be easy for our customers to work with our systems, and in JanusC4, what you have at your fingertips is technology that works how you want it to. Our simple migration technology makes it easy for you to migrate legacy systems, capturing critical data and user information that is stored securely and encrypted to comply with GDPR regulations.

Businesses often need to control their systems and sites from a central location, with real-time and actionable data insights. Many organisations are geographically dispersed, disparate facilities with multiple points of access. In today’s world where resources are often stretched and teams are spread across different locations, it is inefficient and potentially unsafe for personnel to have to physically check every potential incident that is recorded. JanusC4 offers centralised and real-time insights into your security estate, allowing you to target your resources (or responses) where they need to be.

JanusC4 is designed for multiple verticals, complimented by Active Directory Support, and offers the following additional tools:

  • Real-time visual floorplans
  • Automatic actions, such as time-limited actions and cause & effect logic (IFTT)
  • System automation
  • Identity management
  • Crisis management



JanusC4 offers almost limitless scalability and modular technology that can control one door or thousands of doors, and everything in between. It is suitable for every type of business, whether that’s a sole trader or a multinational.

Businesses want to use products that are simple and don’t require lengthy training sessions to get users up to speed. JanusC4’s plug-and-play capabilities allow you to get your access control up and running in minutes and integrated with your existing security systems and software. The high-performance Advance multi controllers can operate up to eight doors, all within the hardware footprint that can usually only control one door.

Our Advance hardware fully supports the latest version of OSDP “Open Supervised Device Protocol”, and offers improved security, functionality & interoperability to customers.



We understand how important it is when you invest in a new solution that it integrates seamlessly with your existing applications. The future for all software and hardware products is a simple integration that rids organisations of the need to run many disparate systems, offering a centralised solution for command and control. Demand for technology that is built for broad integration is a trend that is only going to continue. That’s why JanusC4 supports a common API method that allows for consistent authorised access and integration with third-party data to give you the complete picture of what’s happening on site.

JanusC4 integrates with the following systems, all of which can be controlled from our software dashboard:

  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarms
  • Wireless doors & locks
  • Elevators
  • BMS
  • Biometrics



After decades of innovation original Janus and Sateon systems have now been selected for end-of-life, but this is in no way the end of the road for access control at Grosvenor. A simple migration path has been developed to assist Grosvenor customers with the move to their latest and greatest security solution, JanusC4.  

Sateon Advance is not end-of-life and continues to be sold to existing sites/installations. 

Years of experience within the security industry have seen Grosvenor forge lasting relationships with security professionals across the UK. These relationships are further improved by working closely with industry professionals to ensure we can meet the demands of an ever-changing requirement to secure buildings and assets. The simple migration solution allows legacy systems to be brought into the latest technology with JanusC4, capturing valuable system composition data and user information, carefully secured, and encrypted in line with GDPR regulations, to transition users simply and easily.

Accompanying the migration utility is an upgrade tool that will allow controllers of a certain type* to be migrated into JanusC4, leveraging prior investment, and retaining existing hardware for further use for years to come. This approach significantly improves the value proposition to businesses that want to upgrade their security whilst minimising the capex required to overhaul existing hardware, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

We believe it is vitally important that Grosvenor customers buy into and join us on our journey with Access Control. And we aim to provide guided support through communication and collaboration, ensuring we capture detailed information on requirements for customer site upgrades, and subsequently realise all opportunities that we may be able to assist with by utilising the more powerful and flexible JanusC4 platform.

Legacy Janus and Sateon systems will continue to be supported by us until the 31st of April 2023, ensuring we can continue to offer the services our customers have become accustomed to. Our legacy installer base is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the demands of an ever-changing landscape. Our Advance hardware, used within JanusC4 as well as our Sateon Advance systems, delivers security, high performance, and reliability, whilst remaining simple to use, easy to install and even easier to expand upon. With its ‘plug and play’ simplicity, doors can be added quickly and easily. Our multi controllers can house up to 8 doors, all within the footprint of a standard single-door controller you see with many other suppliers.

As we continue to develop our JanusC4 platform, we look forward to introducing updated versions with even greater functionality and performance. Our product roadmap contains some impressive developments, with a new version of JanusC4 making an appearance in the market soon. We are excited about what this will have to offer our customers, old and new.


*Only Advance C2 controllers can be migrated. Please contact us directly, either via our help desk or your local account manager to confirm which type of controllers you are running.