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For over 30 years, our dedication to supporting our clients has put us at the forefront of our industry. And with some of the sector’s most innovative and skilled minds in our ranks, you’ll always feel reassured by our continuous presence.

Our experienced support team make managing and maintaining your systems as stress-free as possible, while the remote access capabilities of the solution quickly and efficiently resolves any issues you face, reducing downtime and disruption.

Human Capital

We are proud with the successful relationships we have built with our partners. Our expertise is available to you when you need it.

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For US and Canadian customers, please contact:
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GT Services

Our hardware is just the start of the story. For decades we have provided a variety of services to our Human Capital Management (HCM) partners to add-value, reduce cost and reduce down-time. As technology has evolved, this offering has become more sophisticated and all-encompassing. Find out more.

Technical Support

Our dedicated in-house support team will make the execution of your project simple and stress-free. And our support doesn’t stop once your terminal is installed; we’re on hand to advise and troubleshoot as and when you need us. We understand your business and can prescribe a resolution that suits your needs.

Access Control

Our dedicated in-house support team apply our global experience to reduce risk, cost, and installation time.

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Technical support

Effective access control requires a comprehensive support system that allows you to reduce risk, costs and installation time. The expertise and experience of our dedicated in-house support team streamlines processes, so you know that whatever support you need, we’re there.

From initial set-up through to expansion or migration, our team will lead you via remote access, so the process is effortless and fast.

Whether you need help with software integration, server architecture or physical aspects of installation, our technical consultancy service provides on the spot advice to ensure you are maximising the potential of your investment.


We provide first-class training to allow you to feel confident in your installation.

To book or to discuss your training, contact

Software Support Agreements

  • Our comprehensive software support agreement provides long term peace of mind to end user clients. Benefit from the resources that our highly experienced support team can offer throughout the lifetime of your agreement.  

By delivering support directly from the manufacturer, you can inspire confidence and satisfaction to your clients. Our prompt and friendly support not only reduces the burden of administration and call out time, it also professionally represents your business. 

Why purchase an SSA? 

  • Provide priority access to our skilled support team
  • Pay nothing for all updates for the lifetime of your agreement
  • Instil confidence and credibility in your clients
  • Online and over-the-phone support for speedy resolution

For more information, download our SSA document that clearly shows how we support you, your business, and your access control solution.


After years of reliable and steadfast service, original Janus and Sateon Enterprise and Pro systems have been selected for end-of-life to make way for new and compelling developments. Those with these legacy systems need not worry because we have devised a simple migration path to assist Grosvenor customers with the move to our most innovative security solution yet, JanusC4.  This does not affect the Sateon Advance or JanusC4 systems.

Our simple migration solution allows legacy systems to adopt the latest technology with JanusC4, capturing valuable system composition data and user information, carefully secured and encrypted in line with GDPR, to easily transition users.  

Accompanying the migration utility is an upgrade tool that will allow specific controllers* to be migrated into JanusC4, maximising your prior investment and reducing waste by retaining your existing hardware for years to come.  

Legacy Janus and Sateon systems will continue to be supported by Grosvenor Technology until the 31st April 2023, ensuring we continue to offer the services our customers are accustomed to. This does not include Sateon Advance or JanusC4. 

*Please note that Sateon Advance is considered to be a mature system and we are no longer developing this product. Please be aware that there is an older version of Sateon Advance hardware that is incompatible with JanusC4 (‘C’ controllers) and must be replaced with the ‘C2’ version should you wish to migrate to JanusC4 later. We no longer supply the ‘C’ version so all new purchases will be of the ‘C2’ version. We recommend replacing ‘C’ controllers for ‘C2’ within the Sateon Advance environment, then migrate to JanusC4 at the appropriate time. 


We understand how important it is when you invest in a new solution that it integrates seamlessly with your existing applications. The future for all software and hardware products is a simple integration that rids organisations of the need to run many disparate systems, offering a centralised solution for command and control.

Demand for technology that is built for broad integration is a trend that is only going to continue. That’s why Janus C4 supports a common API method that allows for consistent authorised access and integration with third-party data to give you the complete picture of what’s happening on site.  

Why run several disparate systems when they can be integrated into one familiar system? Allowing for consistent authorised access and unified with other 3rd party data to give the full picture of what is happening on a site is paramount to offering a complete security solution. What businesses want is a seamless experience, onboarding and offboarding that is fully automated via an AD (Active Directory Integration).  

Integration is a core pillar of our product strategy, and we are constantly looking at the market to understand what systems may be integrated to provide more data to the end-user such as occupancy to provide efficient use of the built environment. Reporting on what is happening around a site is becoming paramount to ensuring systems and services are running as optimally as possible, keeping costs down and in turn, profit margins up.  

Janus C4 integrates with the following systems, all of which can be controlled from our software dashboard: 

  • CCTV
  • Intruder alarms
  • Wireless doors & locks
  • Elevators
  • BMS  
  • Biometrics

Legacy systems

Sateon Advance is a ‘blade based’ access control solution. Both hardware and software have evolved to deliver a single, slick, scalable system for installers, integrators and their end users. It’s as intuitive as it is cost effective. Find out more.