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Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management

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Support desk assistance

We provide bespoke Human Capital Management solutions tailored to your requirements, configuring our terminal application software to integrate seamlessly with your organisation’s objectives.

We know one size does not fit all, so we work with you from initial specification and support your evolving needs as your company grows.

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Yes, you can easily have a range of terminals in one location. For example, you might use the IT11 to record employee attendance and use the IT51 to delegate holiday requests and booking to staff.  

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Yes, we have partners providing HCM solutions globally. For more information on software providers in your country, please contact us on +44 (0) 1202 627611 .

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You can easily manage a large estate of Human Capital Management terminals with our support management applications, AssistIT and GT Connect.

AssistIT & GT Connect provide remote access to terminals anywhere in the world, allowing you to identify terminal status, download firmware and update multiple terminals simultaneously without spending time and money on site visits.

Our terminals support a wide range of credentials, including proximity cards, Mifare, barcodes, magnetic stripes and biometrics.

We have a range of modular readers designed to suit most projects; please see our datasheets for further information.

The IT Series terminals are all mains powered and have an optional backup battery module, ensuring that your terminal continues to work in the event of a power outage.

These battery backup modules will last for up to three hours. Please see the terminal datasheets for more information.

“Buddy-punching” is a term used to describe the process of one employee fraudulently clocking in for another employee.

We help to overcome this problem in two ways:

Firstly, our application of biometrics, unique to each individual, adds an extra layer of security within your data collection methods, preventing staff from sharing tokens with their colleagues.

Secondly, the IT51 terminal can photograph and/or video staff members when they present their credential, allowing you to easily verify that the correct employee is presenting the token.

We currently offer Suprema and Lumidigm finger biometrics. 

There are a wide range of communication options with our terminals.

You can use Ethernet, POE, Wi-Fi and GPRS to send and receive information from the terminals.

We have a wide range of existing terminal applications, but if required, our in-house development team can provide your company with a tailored terminal application to address your specific needs.

Access Control

Access Control

Your Access Control questions answered

Janus C4 is a comprehensive Access Control solution that easily integrates with other leading security provider solutions. Built on 30+ years of experience, Janus C4 is our flagship system offering the latest technology alongside our Advance hardware, allowing you to secure up to 8 doors from a single location.

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Yes. Janus C4 works with all Wiegand and OSDP reader variants, allowing you to continue using the hardware and credentials you already have. This means less time issuing new credentials to your staff as the existing card information can be easily imported into Janus C4 using a simple CSV file format. If you have a particular credential type or credentials programmed with secure sector information, we can easily check these for you to confirm the required programming needed and provide you with the confidence you need to continue using them.

In most cases, yes. If you are running a Sateon Advance system, you may be using Janus C4 compatible hardware. Our migration and upgrade tool will allow you to migrate to Janus C4 quickly and easily. Speak to our support team about obtaining the tool to check which hardware you have.

Our C2 variant of Advance hardware can be upgraded, but C version hardware will need to be replaced. If you are running an older legacy system, please contact one of our account managers, who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Janus C4 integrates with leading CCTV and intruder alarm providers, such as Milestone and Galaxy, amongst others. Check out our integration information for more details.

Yes. Janus C4 comes with a comprehensive ‘if this, then that’ (IFTTT) solution in the form of automated actions. Used in conjunction with our I/O Blades, you can easily control lights, elevators, monitor door statuses, and more.

Janus C4 works with HID(TM) Mobile Access(R) and allows users to use their mobile devices to open doors.  

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Our Advance OSDP Blade allows you to utilise the additional security provided with OSDP readers, ensuring that communication between the reader and controller is encrypted.

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