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Grosvenor continues to open new doors for our customers with migration tools

Chris Wrench

Senior Product Manager

Grosvenor Technology and Janus C4 solution are paving the way for companies to introduce new robust technology into their businesses, securing assets, protecting staff, and reducing running costs, through the effective implementation of smart building management.

With 30+ years of experience within the security market, having delivered the first Windows-based security solution to the UK with the Janus system, the latest evolution in Grosvenor’s access control portfolio provides a robust and secure platform that integrates with many leading security solutions, such as CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Active Directory, Mobile Credentials, and many others.

After decades of innovation, original Janus and Sateon systems have now been selected for end-of-life, but this is in no way the end of the road for access control at Grosvenor. A simple migration path has been developed to assist Grosvenor customers with the move to their latest and greatest security solution, Janus C4.

Years of working within the security industry have seen Grosvenor forge lasting relationships with security professionals across the UK. These relationships are further improved by working closely with industry professionals to ensure we can meet the demands of an ever-changing requirement to secure buildings and assets. The simple migration solution allows legacy systems to be brought into the latest technology with Janus C4, capturing valuable system composition data and user information, carefully secured, and encrypted in line with GDPR regulations, to transition users simply and easily.

Accompanying the migration utility is an upgrade tool that will allow controllers of a certain type* to be migrated into Janus C4, leveraging prior investment and retaining existing hardware for further use for years to come. This approach significantly improves the value proposition to businesses that want to upgrade and advance their security whilst minimising with the capex required to overhaul the existing hardware, can be both costly and time-consuming.

We aim to provide guided support through communication and collaboration, ensuring we capture detailed information on requirements for customer site upgrades, and subsequently realise all opportunities that we may be able to assist with by utilising the more powerful and flexible Janus C4 platform.

Our commitment is to support you our customers in realising this opportunity, the migration Janus C4 is an opportunity to breathe new life into existing systems, generate new revenues and of course drive retention by proactively offering a costing effective and minimally disruptive migration to Janus C4, itself a contemporary, power and flexible Access Control platform.

We catch up with Chris Wrench, Senior Product Manager, to find out about migration and how it works to support our customers:


Why are we bringing our legacy systems to end-of-life?


Our original Janus and Sateon systems have been in the market for a long time. We no longer develop the systems and the componentry on the hardware is getting very hard, and expensive, to purchase. Our focus is now and the future, and we have a much more up-to-date security solution to offer with Janus C4 and its accompanying integrations. Technology has come a long way in a short period of time which has now superseded our legacy products. It’s time to retire these robust yet ageing solutions so we can focus our attention on new development utilising the latest technologies available to us.


What is migration and how does it work?


We have created a great set of tools to make the move to Janus C4 simple and seamless. It will capture user information and system data relating to the original composition and import it into the Janus C4 system. With some minor reconfiguring within the Janus C4 user interface, the process can be completed quickly and easily.

If a site is running our Sateon Advance C2 controllers, they can upgrade these to Janus C4, reducing the need to replace the hardware on-site. All cabling and readers can remain in place with a simple transfer via USB to update the controller to Janus C4. This provides significant savings for installation as well as minimises disruption to the customer during the upgrade period.


Why migrate? Could I not just buy another system?


Of course, there are plenty of providers out there that you could turn to, but the hardware and cabling would have to be replaced, the cost of which could be excessive, not to mention the time it would take. Janus C4 is a robust solution that provides fantastic opportunities to secure your site. The benefit of migration is you can save time and money by not replacing your hardware, if compatible, and retaining all your user data and system configuration so it doesn’t have to be reinput into a new system.


So, what are the benefits of migrating to Janus C4?


The Janus C4 Software is an advanced user-friendly computer programme that allows users to manage Janus C4 and your integrated security elements in one place, including CCTV, intruder alarms, wireless locks, elevators, biometrics, mobile-enabled readers and credentials, high frequency, and legacy low-frequency key-fobs and cards. Janus C4 also integrates software to software, with leading third-party electronic security manufacturers’ equipment.

Our Advance controllers support both IP and RS-485 as standard, they can store up to 250,000 credentials, and with single and multi-controller options plus the ability to retain data even in a power outage, the Advance hardware is suitable for any installation. Our Advance hardware fully supports the latest version of OSDP, which offers more security and better protection from unwanted cyber-attacks.


How do I get hold of the migration tools?


Contact a member of the team for our migration tool.


The tool will help identify any controllers that are eligible for the upgrade. Once you have the information, send it to us so we can issue you with the licence keys needed to unlock the firmware and upgrade the controller. There is a small licence fee for each controller upgrade, a fraction of the cost of replacing the hardware itself, and the subsequent swap in system changes. This will help with ensuring your data is captured effectively and securely and aid with a smooth transition to Janus C4. We’ll even give you the Janus C4 software for free!*  (*Subject to terms and conditions)


What are Grosvenor Technology’s plans for the future?


We are working hard to create new and innovative solutions all the time. We want our customers to be a part of that journey, and we will be publishing our roadmap for the next 3 years. We’ll be engaging with our customers a lot over this time to really understand their business and where they see it and the industry going. We see the future of Access Control expanding beyond just building security to offering a comprehensive, integrated solution that can really help businesses save money and feel secure. We’re eager to share our ideas with our customers and get their input into the roadmap. The voice of the customer is key to understanding our customers and their business, and we intend to listen.


The Janus C4 platform has already proven to help companies secure their assets, protect staff, and reduce costs, but there is more to come. Grosvenor’s team of access control experts is working to further improve Janus C4 with exciting new features, greater functionality, and enhanced performance. Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.


*Only Advance C2 controllers can be migrated. Please contact us directly, either via our help desk or your local account manager to confirm which type of controllers you are running.