An affordable device with comprehensive capabilities

Small But Mighty

The IT11 is our most basic HCM device, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a powerful addition to an organisation. Highly durable with a small footprint, the IT11 provides accurate time recording with the added benefit of basic access control.

A simple device that suits workplaces that are looking for a straightforward solution to productivity and time management.

Affordable HCM Device

Seamless Integration

Functional & Flexible

Long-lasting Solution

Improve Business Efficiency

Monitor Employee Productivity

IT11 side view by Grosvenor Technology

Key benefits

Our most compact and resilient terminal

Fast Clocking
IT11 side view by Grosvenor Technology

The IT11 is equipped with rapid badge reader technology, making clocking in and out faster and more efficient.

Simple & Effective
IT11 clock by Grosvenor Technology

A straightforward clocking device that allows for improved time management, including start and finishing times as well as the option to record break times.

Access Control
IT11 next to graphic of open door

The IT11 can be configured to provide single door control for enhanced security.

Expandable Device
IT11 with USB image

2 USB ports allow for additional memory to be added, as well as peripherals such as WiFi.

Add Your Brand
IT11 side view by Grosvenor Technology

Boost your brand profile with the personalised welcome screen and customisable casing.

IT11 Datasheet

IT11 Installation Guide