Designed to excel in high-capacity environments

A high level of data and biometrics security

The GT8 offers a new approach to HCM with its high functionality and intuitive usability. Designed to control costs and enhance workforce productivity, this time clock will revolutionise internal working processes. Developed to deliver seamless and simple data security and safeguarding that provides assurance to managers and employees, the GT8 offers an intuitive experience for all users.

A high-capacity finger biometric and facial recognition solution for large workforces, the GT8 delivers high performance that will streamline your HCM processes. The touchless interface reduces the risk of contamination, keeping the environment safer and more hygienic.

The GT8 combines robust longevity with modern security practices, making it an effective investment in the protection and management of a workforce, no matter how large.

Utilising the Android operating system, applications for the device are easily developed using familiar tools and frameworks for enhanced personalisation within an organisation.

Android o/S

Facial Recognition

5 Megapixel IT Camera

Customisable Branding

High Res Colour Touch Display

Automatically Backed Up

Key benefits

The Powerhouse Of HCM

Fast Facial Recognition

The GT8 processes clocking in/out in under a second using advanced facial recognition technology.

Brandable Tech

Customisable glass inlays and digital backgrounds mean that you can add branding to the deviceso that the clock becomes  an extension of your brand. 

Formidable Protection

Combining an encrypted file system with secure boot, hardware backed key storage and a hardened operating system means that data is fortified against breaches. 

Seamless Security

Over-the-air updates mean no downtime or disruption while the clock receives the latest security patches.

Touch Free

The touchless biometric and RFID solutions deliver safe clocking in/out at a time when employee health needs the greatest protection.

GT8 Datasheet

GT8 User Guide