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We are Grosvenor Technology – Access Control & Workforce Management Solutions

We are a market leader in global access control & workforce management solutions- with more than 25 years of innovative engineering experience.

We deliver much more than just secure, smart environments. We create bespoke solutions tailored to an organisation’s working practices.

Our product offering encompasses hardware, software and IP/cloud-based products and services for customers of all sizes from all sectors. We pride ourselves in forming long lasting relationships with our partners – ever since 1989. We specialise in providing innovative solutions and support that endure; from specification through to installation.

At Grosvenor, we pride ourselves on having Access Control and Workforce Management solutions for buildings and working environments of all different varieties. From Retail and Education to Defence and Healthcare; we have both the expertise and the system capabilities to meet the needs of your work space.


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Sateon Access Control is 100% browser based and builds upon the success of our hugely successful JANUS and Siteguard systems. Multilingual and including a full array of features; Sateon is a solution that is easily scalable for buildings of any size, located anywhere in the world.


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We develop more than clocks and terminals; we offer the hardware and support to ensure that efficiency is maximised and costs are reduced within any organisation. Our interface and integration software is designed to communicate with applications developed by our partners, creating one solution for your entire business.

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