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Decades of pioneering engineering expertise have equipped Grosvenor Technology to deliver smart, safe environments anywhere in the world.

Is it time to revolutionise your human capital and data management?

Are you ready to transform your human capital and data management for a smarter, more secure future? Unlock the full potential of your workforce and safeguard your success with Grosvenor Technology – a global leader in human capital management (HCM) solutions and access control.

As the demands of the workplace evolve, we are proud to lead the way with our responsive and reliable approach to security. We’re ready to face tomorrow’s world today.

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Access Control

So much more than simply opening a door.

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Industry Solutions

From large projects to the small, private and public sector, Grosvenor Technology is experienced in a number of markets delivering future-proof, cost-effective solutions.

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Why Grosvenor

Assured Quality & Security

Our commitment to producing high-spec products matches our dedication to security, as reflected by our ISO 27001 certification.

British Manufacturer
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Our products are developed here in the UK, so you can be assured of our commitment to quality.

Resilient Products

Designed to withstand high-footfall, always-on environments, you can rely on the longevity of our solutions.

Expertise Where It Counts

The vast experience of the team means that our products are proactively developed with security at the forefront.

Support When You Need It
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From hands-on training to on-site tech support, with Grosvenor Technology your business is safe with us.

Part Of Your Team
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Working alongside you means that we can adapt and tailor our products to suit your environment and industry. We know that by working together, we can create a secure tomorrow. Get to know who we are.

Access Control

Smart Security For Your Environment

JanusC4 is a customisable, integration-centric software with innovative blade-based hardware. It focuses on versatility and useability for every space.

Human Capital Management

The Next Step in Workforce Management

The GT8 is designed to excel in a high throughput ‘always-on’ environment. It combines its longevity with modern security practices ensuring personal data is always protected.

Protect your data and your assets

Grosvenor Technology is home to rapidly evolving technology that looks to the future. Our team of developers work to overcome security challenges presented by a modern world to ensure that your spaces are safe and your data is secure.

Access Control

JanusC4 combines our best-in-class Advance hardware with a responsive approach to software development. Its ability to integrate with a vast array of third-party integrations makes it the most compact, easy-to-use solution for the modern workplace.

Human Capital Management

Our HCM solutions have been designed with privacy-enhancing technology to ensure strict adherence to data protection requirements. Effectively manage payroll fraud prevention while de-risking your business by enforcing compliance.

Subscription Services

Reduce your total cost of ownership with our subscription services that deliver ongoing updates and patches to ensure you maintain the highest level of data protection and peace of mind.

We found the magic bullet

When we were evaluating time and attendance clocks to partner with our software, we literally believe we found the magic bullet in the Grosvenor Technology range of products.

I’m satisfied that we made the right decision

I can honestly say that Grosvenor Technology’s staff were key in ensuring that the installation and mobilisation period worked as smoothly as possible. As a UK based company, they were able to assist Universal Security Systems whenever required and the follow up support with regards to training, bespoke alterations and troubleshooting has been first class. I’m satisfied that we made the right decision when choosing Grosvenor as our new access control platform.

Makes employee enrolment a breeze

The new clocks are much easier to maintain, make employee enrolment a breeze, and decrease clock in/out time for quicker processing during shift change. The remote interface gives you the ability to access the clocks at any time and allows full control of the clock allowing diagnostics as well as a virtual tutorial for employees that are off-site.

Cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly

It has been a pleasure to work with Grosvenor Technology consistently over the last 5 years. We have built a mutually beneficial relationship through collaboration on various projects and utilised the quality of Grosvenor products on many of our clients’ sites. The product is cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly and the business provides a strong level of technical support.

Gives us all peace of mind

Putting access control in place has meant that we have been able to extend our opening hours, content in the knowledge that we still know exactly who has access to the building. Not having to physically ‘lock-up’ at 11pm at night saves us both time and money; being protected by Grosvenor Technology gives us all peace of mind and is worth its weight in gold.

A solution that is pretty close to perfect

We strive for compliance; it is one of the base level requirements we provide for our customers. It has to be bulletproof and in partnership with the GT Services team, using their GT Connect services, we think we have come up with a solution that is pretty close to perfect.

Reduce running costs

The construction process had very tight deadlines, so it was important that the access control system could be installed in no time at all. Grosvenor was able to provide valuable support, ensuring staff were empowered to administrate, secure and reduce running costs before the first day of school.

The entire installation was much more cost effective

It was clear that Grosvenor offered a platform that would provide additional functionality as the organisation grew, rather than starting over each time Misco required new features. The hardware was easy to deploy and the entire installation was much more cost effective and intuitive than what came before.

Saved cost and effort beyond what we had projected

We were very impressed with the Professional Services consultancy offered by Grosvenor Technology that ensured all parties received a solution that matched the specification required, and in the case of Credential Evaluation- even saved cost and effort beyond what we had projected.

Improves accuracy and cuts administrative time

We relied on Grosvenor technology’s hardware to help us deliver a solution that improves accuracy and cuts administrative time substantially every game day.

A productive partnership

We enjoy a productive partnership with Grosvenor Technology with the high quality products, excellent sales support and technical back up. We supply and install JanusC4 to a myriad of customers from small single door Parish Rooms, Schools and Councils all the way through to High Security Government Institutions.



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