When it comes to Janus C4, we have been talking about occupancy control, ease of installation and modular design. However, in this blog, we want to discuss the security features available with Janus C4. We talk about how it functions to keep your office, as well as your staff and data, safe.

The main function of Janus C4 is to restrict access to your building and ensure management of all areas from one location. It is through using prox cards, facial recognition and biometric readers, that you can ensure entry for only those who have reliable credentials or permitted visitors. These allow you to be able to control who goes into each area of your building, and track where everybody is.

You can also easily integrate your CCTV with Janus C4 in order to observe different areas of the building and have all access activity and attempts recorded.

The doors also easily integrate with Intruder alarms, wireless locks and use a Microsoft teams integration, to lock and set the building’s alarms when the last person scheduled for the day leaves. We also include idle monitoring systems, which allow the company to track old cards, deactivate them after inactive periods and flag whenever an old inactive card is used in an attempted entry, ensure only valid credentials can be used to access the building.

When it comes to the Janus C4 ‘Monitor’ dashboard, it is designed to control all aspects of the integrated system, giving you visibility, efficiencies and convenience other platforms may not be able to do, whilst also controlling all security measures from one place. The software also allows you to fully customise user permission per login. Meaning each user can be given access to certain parts of your security system and integrations, making your Janus C4 software, secure.