Grosvenor Powers Up with Strategic Office Move

Grosvenor Soars to New Heights with its new Florida Headquarters: In-House Fulfillment, Total Control, and a Growing Team at the Ready

Colin Leatherbarrow - Managing Director of Grosvenor Technology

Colin Leatherbarrow

Managing Director

Get ready for GT Clocks’, our American brand, game-changing move to its new Florida headquarters! Located in Cooper City and accessible from both Fort Lauderdale and Miami airports, this state-of-the-art office boasts three times the space of its previous location. With in-house warehousing and customer order fulfilment now at the team’s fingertips, they’ll have full control over operations and delivery. And that’s not all – new team members are joining the GT team to keep up with growing customer demand and the exciting expansion of their product offerings.


Brian Hack, VP of Operations, commented:

“With demand reaching new heights, our brand-new headquarters will power us to even greater success. By taking control of our operations, we’ll have an eagle-eye view of fulfilment, guaranteeing fast delivery and the unparalleled level of service our customers know and love. This is a pivotal moment in our growth journey, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


With decades of hands-on experience, our cutting-edge technology is developed and distributed from our UK headquarters and supported by our Florida office and teams worldwide. Our unparalleled expertise in the field allows us to continually revolutionize the industry with innovative hardware and software that prepares you for today and the future. Trust us to deliver responsive customer support, in multiple languages and across all time zones, as we help you manage your human capital and secure your assets on a global scale.

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