Paycor & Grosvenor Technology: A Powerful Pair

As a market leader in HCM software, Paycor needed a hardware partner that would match their quality and commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Ben Lagden - Commercial Director of Grosvenor Technology

Ben Lagden

Commercial Director

As a market leader in HCM software, Paycor needed a hardware partner that would match their quality and commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Grosvenor Technology demonstrated that they could not only supply durable terminals but also offer a complete solution of GT Services and customised development that unifies Paycor’s seamless solution to its customers.

We asked Paycor Product Manager David Goodwin why they selected Grosvenor Technology as their hardware provider:

“GT Services has helped the most with their ability to link to our clients’ clocks remotely and diagnose any issues. We have clients all over the country, so we can’t always send someone out to look over a problem. Now, we can resolve any issues more efficiently and with less disruption to our clients.

Often there are times the HR team or administrators aren’t familiar with the technology, so when it comes to technical things like the configuration of a clock, we get them to connect it to their network, turn on Assist IT and we do the rest.

And when it comes to work orders, we’ve been able to solve the majority remotely by retrieving the logs and diagnostics, and reviewing the settings on the clock. Our clients love the fact that they don’t have to sit around and wait for an on-site visit to fix a problem. They can get on with their day while we figure it out without them having to touch it.

With the support, if there’s a bug or issue that we [Paycor] can’t resolve ourselves, the GT team can jump in and look at the clock to provide a diagnosis.

One of the best things to come from GT’s support is the quick reaction to bugs we’ve identified in the software. For example, we had an issue with our GT4. The clocks would just crash and lose connection to our IoT hub. The team identified it and passed it on to the development team. The development team found the code causing it, fixed it and released a new version.

We’ve also found it helpful that the GT team is willing to get on the phone with our clients if necessary. We have even shipped badges to the UK to have people figure out their bitstreams – it allows us to utilise them more as a partner versus a vendor.

In addition to problem solving, GT Services allows us to provide one-off configurations for our clients. We have a UI that allows our clients to control what function keys are on their clock, punches, and transfers. But if someone needs a slightly different configuration to read a different badge, or they need us to strip the numbers off the front, we can go in using GT Services and modify their individual clock. With our other vendors, we don’t have that function. This really allowed us to diversify how we serve our clients so we can meet a more specific need.

The Grosvenor Technology team is an amazing partner. The collaboration and communication as we worked on the development of our software was great.

We chose Grosvenor Technology because the hardware was sound. We can rely on the quality and the way it interacts with our system. The team built something unique, based on our preferences. For example, the clocks were not originally supposed to connect through an IoT hub, but we felt that an IoT hub was the best way for our clocks to communicate and share data. The GT team brought that capability forward by almost an entire development year, to jump into IoT, and it definitely seems to work.”

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