Selecting A Biometric Technology

Colin Leatherbarrow - Managing Director of Grosvenor Technology

Colin Leatherbarrow

Managing Director

As biometrics become more widely available, the choice of different technologies and their use in different markets is more prolific. Fingerprint technology is now widely used in smartphones, facial recognition in airports, and access control used in workplaces nationwide.
At Grosvenor Technology, our Human Capital Management solutions have been designed to create a frictionless environment with a choice of biometric technologies, including fingerprint and facial recognition. Each ensures enhanced security and the elimination of so-called ‘buddy’ punching.

When selecting the preferred biometric for your business, it’s important to consider the type of environment it will be used in. For instance, employees working in industrial or manual handling settings typically have poor-quality fingerprints and, therefore, may be better suited to facial recognition technology. And for those concerned about fraudulent access, biometrics can automatically detect fake fingers or faces to prevent the use of such things as latex fingers or photos to fool the device.

Each system offers different benefits, so our sales team can help you understand which would work best for you and your organisation.

How To Choose Your Biometric Solution

Grosvenor Technology offers a broad array of devices, and it is often difficult to decide which is best for your business without expert guidance; after all, to the untrained eye, one device can seemingly function the same as another.

But our range of clocks provides a wealth of benefits, each suited to different requirements, so the selection process needs care and attention. Some of the critical features that will help to narrow down your choice are:

Operating System – Android or Linux
Screen Size – 2.8”, 4.3”, 8” or 10”
Screen Type – Mono LCD, Colour LCD, Resistive Touch, Capacitive Touch
Performance – Processor, Memory
Security – Encrypted File System, Secure Boot, Hardware Backed Key Storage
Biometric Support – None, Finger, Face
Reader Support – Prox, Magnetic, Barcode, Multi-Tech
I/O Support – None, Input/Output, External Reader, Wiegand
….. and finally,
Price – Entry Level, Mid Range, Top of Range

If you’re ready to discuss options for your organisation, contact the team. We can talk you through each device and how it can benefit your business.