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The Key Benefits of Janus C4

Building Access & Security. Made Simple.

Chris Wrench

Senior Product Manager

Janus C4 is a modern access control security management system. Put simply, it controls building occupancy and access whilst also managing, at a software level, your onsite CCTV intruder alarms, and wireless locks.

Janus C4 is the first step to smart building security management with exceptional software integrations to leading third-party manufacturers security equipment.

Janus C4 consists of two main components.

  • Hardware – Innovative hardware that is modular, scalable, and customisable, allowing for a cost-effective and central location install.
  • Software – Powerful network-enabled platform, allowing you to manage your buildings access and security systems centrally, quickly, and easily.

What are the key benefits?

1.The Janus C4 software is an advanced user-friendly security management system that allows you to manage your buildings access AND your integrated security systems in one place, remotely or locally, including: 

  • Access Control  
  • CCTV  
  • Intruder Alarms  
  • Wireless Locks  
  • Lift Control 

The Janus C4 ‘Monitor’ dashboard is designed to control all aspects of the integrated system, giving you visibility, efficiencies, and convenience, where other platforms cannot. 

2. The Janus C4 software allows you to fully customise user permission per login. Meaning each user can be given access to certain parts of your security system and integrations, making your Janus C4 software, secure. 

3. Janus C4 can help with GDPR compliance as it can be set to sync directly to the Active Directory of any business. This means there are fewer admin requirements involved in maintaining the ‘Persons’ within Janus C4, as the automatic Active Directory synchronisation updates the personnel records daily. This tightens security and gives you efficiencies that save time and money. Janus C4 also supports batch data uploads using Excel Spreadsheets in .CSV format.

4. The Janus C4 hardware is modular and scalable by design allowing you to easily add more doors without the need for re-engineering. A single multi-controller can manage up to eight doors, without the need for additional fused spurs and network points. This offers cost savings and future proofs the building in the event you want to expand and increase your security. 

 5. Unlike other access control systems, Janus C4 supports all the leading and common Wiegand and OSDP reader devices from manufacturers, including: 

  • Facial Recognition  
  • Fingerprint  
  • Cards  
  • Bluetooth Credentials (mobile) 

This means we can do security the way YOU want it, supporting existing readers on a site to enable cost-effective upgrades, and creating a modern contactless workspace.

Why is Janus C4 different?

With Janus C4, Grosvenor Technology has taken a step forward in Building Access & Security Management. Hygienic, controlled workspaces, with protocols like occupancy management and contactless entry, are more important than ever. This means the systems used to manage them need to be as effective as possible. Janus C4 achieves this. Janus C4 will manage your access and security systems in a simple to use interface. Discover more here.