What are GT Services?

If you and your clients would benefit from priority support, guaranteed replacement hardware and super secure data, speak to us about GT Services.

Ben Lagden - Commercial Director of Grosvenor Technology

Ben Lagden

Commercial Director

In a nutshell, GT Services are the services we provide to enhance and complement our HCM solutions. It covers a host of aspects, including a lifetime warranty, access to Grosvenor Technology’s secure cloud platform and on-hand 24/7 tech support.

This subscription-based service means that for one low-cost monthly payment, your device or devices will be protected and supported for the duration of their lifetime. It’s a smart way to reduce your total cost of ownership while benefiting from priority support. 

Here’s a little more about each aspect that makes up GT Services. 


By subscribing to GT Services, you can take advantage of our exclusive hardware warranty. With this, we guarantee to supply you or your clients with a brand-new, latest-generation HCM solution if a fault or defect occurs with the existing device. Better still, we send the replacement device via next-day delivery directly to where it is needed so it can be installed as soon as possible.  

GTProtect also entitles you (or your clients) to priority technical support on the devices – which come with guaranteed SLAs. Whether they require a little assistance when installing or replacing a device, need help troubleshooting, or want to access our remote diagnostic tools, our tech support team is just a quick call or email away.


GTConnect is a cloud-based platform that integrates your devices into a single network, allowing real-time remote diagnostics and data management. Signing up for GT Services grants you and your clients access to GTConnect and the following powerful features:   

Device Management  

  • Our management platform allows you to diagnose, recover and update devices remotely. This feature manages devices individually or multiple devices organised by your chosen structure to push out updates and configuration, all at the click of a button. 

Data Management  

  • Our “Clock to Cloud” middleware makes integrating our devices with your chosen software easy. Subsequently, all data captured to and from the devices is securely transferred and transformed via a single connection, ensuring a seamless system enabling real-time business decisions as and when you need them.

Identity Management  

  • Our platform, combined with our latest devices, ensures all Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including biometric data, is encrypted and protected from the moment it’s collected. GTConnect further ensures compliance with all UK GDPR data regulations and US and international data legislation by recording consent of PII collection and providing tools to both facilitate information requests and erase PII, effectively de-risking your business from fines and litigation.


What are the benefits of GT Services?


Lower Costs 

GT Services will decrease the total cost of ownership of your devices. Here’s how;

  • Hardware Costs  

First and foremost, our devices are specifically designed for high footfall, always-on environments with longevity and reliability in mind. As a result, they’ll give you much greater reliability and life span than other devices or tablets. Plus, each device is covered by GTProtect’s subscription warranty – guaranteeing your future costs.  

  • Admin and Legal Costs   

GTConnect, in combination with our latest devices, ensures your client is fully compliant with data protection laws worldwide by encrypting data and enforcing processes surrounding consent, storage and deletion. Not only does this considerably lower the time and effort needed to ensure their own compliance when handling PII, but more importantly, it reduces the chances of breaking the law and incurring related fines or compensation and associated reputational damage.

  • Development and Operational Costs  

Our fast and straightforward integration approach allows your clients to save on the development costs of connecting their devices to their platform. As GTConnect manages the individual connections to the devices and provides data transfer via a single connection, hosting and operational costs are significantly reduced.  


Minimal Downtime  

With our experienced support team on hand and the option for next-day hardware delivery, there is limited downtime and disruption to your clients should a device malfunction.  


Increased Efficiency  

Managing your estate globally via GTConnect ensures configuration and updates are efficiently applied, reducing onsite engineering and support visits and associated costs.  


If you and your clients would benefit from priority support, guaranteed replacement hardware and super secure data, speak to us about GT Services. It’s the most effective way to reduce your costs, increase efficiency and minimise downtime. 

To learn more, click here or get in touch by calling 01202 621700 or emailing