Secure your environment with Janus C4’s  seamless security integration

High-performance access control technology that centralises management of your security systems.

Up to 1,000 doors and 50,000 users

Easy Integration

Limitless Scalability

Secure Encryption

Simple Installation

Our Market-Leading Access Control Solution

Smart security for your environment

JanusC4 is a customisable, integration-centric software with innovative blade-based hardware. It focuses on versatility and useability for every environemnt.


Our team are on hand to help you make the most of your access control technology.  Speak to us today to find out how JanusC4 can revolutionise your access control.


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    Why JanusC4

    Unlock high-level security with JanusC4

    Seamless Integration

    User-friendly software effortlessly integrates with trusted applications, including Active Directory, leading CCTV and Wireless Locking solutions.


    Advanced Automation

    JanusC4 is capable of advanced automation to eliminate risk and increase security.


    Simple Installation

    Utilising blade-based technology, JanusC4 ensures a swift and straightforward installation process.


    Unlimited Scalability

    Whether you’re launching a new security system or transitioning from a legacy setup, our technology minimises downtime and offers seamless, instant scalability.


    Expert Support

    From in-depth training to on-hand tech support, you will feel confident using JanusC4.


    Your access control could do so much more…

    Sophisticated Access Control Solutions

    Your key access control issues solved

    JanusC4 is a customisable, integration-centric proprietary software with innovative blade-based hardware. It focuses on versatility and usability for customers, users and installers.

    Cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly

    It has been a pleasure to work with Grosvenor Technology consistently over the last 5 years. We have built a mutually beneficial relationship through collaboration on various projects and utilised the quality of Grosvenor products on many of our clients’ sites. The product is cost effective, easy to install, customer friendly and the business provides a strong level of technical support.

    The entire installation was much more cost effective

    It was clear that Grosvenor offered a platform that would provide additional functionality as the organisation grew, rather than starting over each time Misco required new features. The hardware was easy to deploy and the entire installation was much more cost effective and intuitive than what came before.

    A productive partnership

    We enjoy a productive partnership with Grosvenor Technology with the high quality products, excellent sales support and technical back up. We supply and install JanusC4 to a myriad of customers from small single door Parish Rooms, Schools and Councils all the way through to High Security Government Institutions.

    Gives us all peace of mind

    Putting access control in place has meant that we have been able to extend our opening hours, content in the knowledge that we still know exactly who has access to the building. Not having to physically ‘lock-up’ at 11pm at night saves us both time and money; being protected by Grosvenor Technology gives us all peace of mind and is worth its weight in gold.

    Hall & Kay Fire Engineering

    Divisional Director

    Why choose JanusC4?

    A Trusted UK Manufacturer

    As a UK-based manufacturer, we focus on offering dependable, high-quality solutions. Despite challenges like Brexit or Covid, we’ve maintained our stock levels to ensure we can fulfil demand.

    Over Three Decades of Expertise

    Founded in 1989, we’ve built a legacy of trust and reliability. Our access control system is installed all over the UK by our trusted installers, so you can count on our unparalleled skillset and outstanding credentials.

    Integrated Security Solutions

    We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. From day one, we become an integrated part of your team, enabling us to provide ongoing support and updates for your particular needs.

    Industry Leaders in Access Control

    We’re dedicated to access control, and our expertise establishes us as specialists in the UK industry. Whenever you require assistance, a phone call is all it takes.

    Future-Proof Your Security

    We’re continually innovating, providing you with regular software and hardware upgrades. Navigate the life cycle of your systems with absolute confidence, guided by our expertise.

    Scalable & Cost-Effective

    Whether you’re a small enterprise needing to secure just a couple of doors or a large corporation with a large estate, our solutions are reliably scaleable — all at a competitive price point.

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    Own your environment with JanusC4

    Security matters now more than ever before, and JanusC4 is here to ensure it. Take control of your environment today and experience the peace of mind that comes with cutting-edge security management. Join countless others who already enjoy enhanced security at their fingertips. Secure your world with JanusC4 now.