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Human Capital Management Solutions

Human Capital Management Solutions

Workforce management clocks and terminals are about more than just clocking in and out. We offer the hardware and support to ensure that end users and their software partners have the means to maximise efficiency and reduce cost within any organisation.

We commit to providing an outstanding service to our customers, from initial specification to supporting your requirements as your company grows.

While other manufacturer’s support ends once their terminal is fitted, our support continues for as long as our terminal is hanging on the wall. This ongoing support allows us to adapt and modify our services to create a human capital management system tailored for your business and grow with you and develop additional functionality as your company expands.

Allow us to take the burden of maintaining and developing functionality, enabling you to focus on what matters. We can administer support to your system remotely; to a single terminal via our Assist IT support platform or 1000’s of terminals via our Custom Exchange tool.

Our robust terminals offer state of the art technologies that solve everyday problems. For example,

Video capture to ensure a tardy employee records a reason for lateness.

High-definition touch screens convey corporate messages for a motivated and informed workforce.

Multilingual staff can interact in their language actions at a touch of a button.

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