We know that the Access Control market can seem confusing, so we thought we would make navigating it slightly easier by presenting the differences between our system JanusC4, and other Access Control offerings on the market.


Firstly, thanks to our modular hardware design, JanusC4 is the most innovative and flexible Access Control solution on the market. Due to the fact we use modular blades (which can control 2 doors each) and controllers (which can fit 4 blades in each), you can control up to 8 doors from one hardware point as well as add and take away doors physically via the modular hardware. This means that your Access Control can grow with your business needs. Also, If you need to perform any maintenance or if there is a fault, the installer is able to replace the blade and fix the system in, on average, no more than an hour. This is far superior to other systems on the market which may require up to a whole workday for maintenance.

We have spoken about the hardware, now we want to discuss the benefits of our software.
Firstly, the interface that we have for users to interact with, we believe, is one of the cleanest and easiest interfaces on the market. Its incredibly user-friendly whilst also being intuitive and powerful. We also have a useful and detailed interactive Map which is innovative and allows you a visual sense of your Access Control within various areas of the building.

We also offer a large range of free certified training and support for our installers and end users which can be delivered online or onsite. This includes comprehensive OSDP and Integration training. Our technical support is also widely approved of within the Installer market.


Finally, we offer an Access Control Solution that is not only powerful and versatile, but also affordable. We are proud to offer our products for a very competitive price which easily excel in the current Access Control market. We have an outstanding approach to customised customer interaction and continually strive to keep this as a staple with all interactions. The best way to see an example of this is to contact us in the contact form below and we can assist with pricing for your personal needs.