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We are Grosvenor Technology

Installed by professionals and supported for life, that is the Grosvenor difference. We call it our 6 Star Partner Charter and we urge other manufacturers to follow us. After all, they have been following us for years.



Find out what our Access Control Partner Charter means to you…

Multi-lingual support around the clock

Your customers are global and multi-cultural, and their Access Control systems increasingly reflect this. This is why Grosvenor Technology guarantees technical support in your language, day or night. It means you can win projects, safe in the knowledge we will care for your end user long after commissioning, leaving you to focus on winning new business.

We reward loyal partners

Our Partner Program is just that- a partnership that we enter into for mutual benefit. Most supplier programs are a means of tying a customer to a supplier, but we generate loyalty by offering tools and support that will grow your business and create an enduring mutual partnerships that benefits everyone. From marketing support, to technical training and project price support; we can help build your business together.

We don't wholesale our products

By not selling through wholesalers, we are able to avoid their mark up and pass these savings on to you. Dealing direct also means we can guarantee our products are only sold to professional security installation companies, just like yours.

We only deal directly with Qualified Partners

Your accreditation means something, it has been hard earned and carries overheads. You deserve a manufacturing partner who recognizes this and supplies to qualified installation partners.

Full lifetime warranty comes as standard with our Pro Care Agreement

No-one likes nasty surprises and limited period warranties mean you never really know what your profits will be over the life of a system. Our Pro-Care Guarantee offers lifetime software support for you and your end-user and a lifetime warranty on all hardware. We want you to have the same peace of mind with our products as we do.

We promise one scalable platform for all system sizes

Stocking multiple products and dealing with invoices from various companies consumes time that could be spent winning new projects. It also affects your organization’s available space, capital and credit. Don’t think of us as an additional product line, but the access control solution, from one to a thousand doors.


Access Control as it should be, that’s the Grosvenor difference.

Contact us today and let’s make a difference together.

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