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Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Our advanced range of IT clocks and terminals ensure businesses can manage their workforces in a non-evasive manner, whilst enabling real-time reporting for informed decisions relating to safety, security and effectiveness of their workforce.

We have a range of human capital management and time and attendance solutions to solve the key issues faced by all businesses when managing their workforce.

With tailored, partner defined software development our dedicated in-house project team will be on hand from the start through to installation.

But we don’t leave you there, we offer ongoing support with our Assist IT application which saves money, reduces site visits and remotely diagnoses and solves issues. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with our software partners and collaborate extensively both pre and post installation to ensure a tailored offering is provided.

Our comprehensive range of time and attendance terminals include simple terminals designed for swipe and go, through to fully interactive and customisable interfaces. This enables staff and management to carry out a multitude of HR tasks such as booking holidays, recording sickness and rota collaboration.

Don’t just take our word for it

Worldwide fashion retailers rely on Grosvenor Technology’s human capital management terminals when opening new branches overseas. Our plug and play deployment and our lifelong support eradicates the time and cost associated with sending I.T teams to site when installing a terminal in a new office or branch.

When a business grows, and additional functionality is needed, you can rely on Grosvenor Technology’s in-house Development team to deliver a custom solution to meet local demand.

Two leading grocery retailers choose our open source solutions for their ability to adapt to a variety of HR policies, reporting demands and diverse multi-lingual workforce. Driving down their internal reporting processes at both branch and head office level.

Plug and play deployment

Traditionally, a skilled member of your IT team would need to go to a location and set up your human capital management terminal. However, with Grosvenor’s plug and play deployment, you can plug in your terminal and it will talk back to the host without any need for skilled personnel.

Our Professional Services team can remotely assist with installation, meaning that you can increase the number of terminals deployed, across a larger distance, at a lower cost.

Allow Grosvenor Technology to take the burden of maintaining and developing additional features, enabling you to focus on what matters. We can administer support to your system remotely, creating effective solutions that get to the heart of a problem fast in addition to adding extra functionality in a fast and efficient way.



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