• Introduce a system that can help reduce costs and energy
• To set up a large number of new card owners within a short time period
• Tight installation deadline


• Integrating Sateon reduced costs by controlling BMS
• Groups feature allows for quick enrollment of new students
• Use of existing PoE Cat5 cables to ensure an efficient and timely installation

ADNOC School

ADNOC, the Middle East’s largest oil and gas supplier, built the village of Ruwais from what was formally a desert. This created a community for their employees, in what is one of the world’s largest industries. Within this complex sits the ADNOC school, a facility built to educate the families of employees.

Sateon has been rolled out across the entire school, with 90 readers, 50 controllers and over 5,000 access cards supplied to the students and staff combined. The access control system was installed by SIBCA and supported by Grosvenor Technology’s technical excellence at specification stage. Close collaboration between the two organisations ensured the access control hardware was installed quickly and efficiently. Sateon’s IP based architecture suited the modern method of construction used, allowing the system to be swiftly deployed using the building’s existing PoE Cat 5 cabling. The utilisation of the buildings existing infrastructure reduced cost and ensured ADNOC School’s finite build process stayed on track.

With its ability to integrate into most third party hardware, Sateon can drive down energy costs by controlling most BMS functions, including HVAC and lighting.

With a fresh group of students enrolling every year, it was important that the administrative process was as efficient as possible. The Sateon Groups feature allows administrators to define a persona for a common occupant, and their typical access rights for enrollment. Applying standardised access rights to the majority of the students drastically reduces the time taken to induct students at the start of each academic year. Both students and members of staff are issued an ID card, with all of their access rights contained in this one solution. The cards are not limited to accessing the building either; in time, as the community develops, Sateon will allow cashless vending and students to board buses without the need for a pass.

“The construction process had very tight deadlines, so it was important that the access control system could be installed in no time at all. Grosvenor was able to provide valuable support, ensuring staff were empowered to  administrate, secure and reduce running costs before the first day of school.”
Richard Pearson – Group Technical and Service Director, SIBCA.