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Janus C4 - One solution for Every Project

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With Janus C4, Grosvenor technology has taken a step forward in Building Access & Security ManagementJanus C4 is a customisable, integration-centric software with innovative blade-based hardware. It focuses on versatility and useability for customers, users and installers.

Making sure workspaces are Microbe-aware and can easily implement occupancy levels and contactless entry is now more important than ever. This means the access control systems used to manage them need to be as effective and as user-friendly as possible. Janus C4 achieves this.

Janus C4, our new end-to-end Access Control Solution has been developed to make the management of your building: easier, simpler and quicker. Our solution enables you to manage access rights for individuals and groups of people securely – across a single site or multiple sites, globally.

This comprehensive, network-enabled building management software solution is designed to work seamlessly with our robust Advance hardware, an infinitely scalable platform that it is suitable for projects of any size. To protect your system and help you stay compliant, the hardware supports OSDP (encrypted communication) as well as GDPR data management tools.

The Janus C4 Software is an advanced user-friendly computer programme that allows you to manage Janus C4 AND your integrated security elements in one place, including:

  • CCTV
  • Fire Alarms
  • Elevators
  • This allows you to manage it all in the Janus C4 software dashboard, giving you efficiencies
    and convenience other platforms can not.

Another benefit is Janus C4 system syncs directly to the Active directory of any business. This means there is no admin involved in maintaining the system, as it updates personnel details real-time automatically. This tightens security and gives you efficiencies that save you time and cost. It is also capable of batch data loads through spreadsheets.


Designed with the Engineer in mind, the software intuitively and immediately finds and recognises the hardware, so they can start adding users and setting access rights within minutes.  All complimented by native Active Directory support (AD link).

It provides end-users with a wide range of tools, including: 

  • Visual floor plan with live status indication 
  • Automatic Actions (execute system-related actions on either a timed or event basis)
  • Security system(s) process automation 
  • Identity management 
  • Crisis management   
  • Role-based operator security 
  • Hierarchical data organisation for easy navigation  


The innovative blade-based Advance hardware is modular, scalable and customizable – designed to be easy and cost effective to install and configure.

It supports both IP and RS-485 as standard, up to 500,000 credentials, with single and multi-controller options and the ability to retain data even in a power outage.

Advance fully supports the latest version of OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) – an encrypted access control communication protocol, which has been adopted and certified by the Security Industry Association (SIA).

OSDP offers:

  • More Security:  OSDP protects readers against hacking with ‘Secure Channel Protection’ – using AES-128 encryption
  • More Functionality:  OSDP uses 2 wires instead of 12+, allows for multi-drop installation, and supervises connections to indicate reader malfunctions
  • More Interoperability:  Using OSDP enables communication among different manufacturers’ devices
  • More Consistency:  Provides a concise set of commonly used commands and responses for supported hardware vendors


Avaliable Integrations and Readers

Unlike other access control systems, Janus C4 integrates with all the leading and most common access reader devices from any manufacturer. This includes:
Facial Recognition
Finger Print

This means we can do security the way YOU want it and help you create a modern, contactless workspace. For further information on our supported integrations, please click on the links below:




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